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Beautiful Picnic Locations in Singapore

BY MELISSA BOEY | 11 Jun 19 Comments

Singapore’s weather isn’t the best for picnics; it can be excruciatingly hot, humid, and not to forget the little buggers that thrive in such a climate - mosquitoes. However, once in a blue moon, we get cloudy, cooling weather that is perfect for picnics. Take advantage of such rare weather with date plans for a picnic, or just another great day out with your family! Here are some hidden places in Singapore that are picnic-perfect.


Chinese & Japanese Gardens


Credits: www.thesmartlocal.com


Located in our national garden, Jurong Lake Garden, this location is probably best known for the Double Beauty Bridge that connects the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, making this place look straight out of a Chinese (or Japanese) period drama.


Credits: www.nparks.gov.sg


Apart from the beautiful white bridge over Jurong Lake, another great attraction that makes this location a worthy picnic spot are the Twin Pagodas overseeing the waterfront. At sunset, the way the light peeks through the pagodas and reflects reddish-golden light off the eaves is almost celestial.


If you’re still mulling over travelling all the way here just for a picnic, two points to take note of is that Lakeside Garden is open 24/7 and you can even bring your dogs here for a run between 9am - 10pm! Distance is nothing when you can have access to this place anytime you want, and even bring your pets over for some fun.


Telok Blangah Hill Park


Credits: www.nparks.gov.sg


The Terrace Garden at Telok Blangah Hill Park may be a popular spot for wedding couples, but Singaporeans really do know the best places to take photos. At the top of the hill, you will be rewarded with a breath-taking 360 degrees view of Singapore surrounded by enchanting bougainvillea flowers.


Credits: www.nparks.gov.sg


If you’re not here on a romantic date, you can go bird watching or complete your trail by crossing Henderson Waves over Mount Faber Park. Either way, there is an activity for everyone to do here on a picnic. What’s more, this park has a history of being a gathering place for trading communities back in the 19th century - today, it is still a gathering place but for nature lovers, nearby residents, and of course, picnic-goers.


Toa Payoh Town Park


Credit: www.nadiaandeoin2013sg.wordpress.com


The above mentioned places may be too out of the way for some of us, which is why this next, more central location is perfect. Located in the middle of bustling neighbourhood of Toa Payoh, this seemingly unremarkable park hosts infrastructure that makes you feel like you’re in the 70s. With cobblestone bridges, tranquil ponds and even a rustic-looking gazebo, one can truly take a brief respite in this convenient, picturesque park.


Credits: www.thesmartlocal.com


Although most may opt for the pavilion as a picnic spot, there is a quiet, hexagonal sanctum by the pond that is perfect if you’re seeking to enjoy a special, private moment with your partner.


Tuas Lalang Field


Credits: www.bridestory.com


For adventure-seekers and nature-lovers, this vast, mesmerising field makes for an absolutely stunning picnic spot at sunset. Although you can only get here by car due to its suburban location, this field is every bit worth the journey travelled. There’s a reason why this place is famous as a wedding photoshoot location, and if you’re looking to get away from the fast-paced, hectic lifestyle in the city, this is a great escape as well.


Credits: www.avenueone.sg


With such vast open landscape, Tuas Lalang Field is one of the rare places in Singapore where you actually have the freedom to run and frolic around like no one’s watching! (especially since it’s so ulu, probably no one will see you anyways). Other than just having a romantic picnic, you could play frisbee, fly a kite, or whatever your imagination allows.


Hort Park


Credits: @mr_tigercub


Worried that you have to fight with other ‘kiasu’ Singaporeans or tourists for a good picnic spot? Fret not because at Hort Park, the vast, sprawling fields of lawn is large enough for everyone to have their own space.


Credits: www.nparks.gov.sg


As a dedicated educational and recreational space for horticulture, this park also has themed gardens and a nature playgarden for your family and friends to enjoy. Experience a therapeutic and relaxing picnic amidst the flora at Hort Park while learning a little bit more about gardening - it’s time to cultivate those green fingers!


Portsdown Road


If you have a soft spot for all things old and vintage, this secret spot may be the perfect location for you. Tucked away in a little corner between One-North and Buona Vista is Portsdown Road. Here, you will find several abandoned infrastructure and cool retro shops to satisfy your hippie thirst.


Credits: www.smartlocal.com


First up, there is an abandoned water tank at the hilly area of Portsdown Road. This is also where we recommend having your picnic as the area is serene and the grass terrain makes for a great area to set up your picnic mat.  


Credits: www.ladyironchef.com


After your picnic, you could head down to Cafe Colbar (short for Colonial Bar), which is an actual British canteen that has been preserved from 1954. Here, you can treat yourself to some of their popular nostalgic dishes and selection of ice-cold craft beer while dining in their retro space that still has an old CRT television. Talk about a trip down memory lane!


Hindhede Nature Park


Credits: www.thesmartlocal.com


Last but not least, this may be the most unconventional picnic location of all the places we’ve listed so far. Unlike her more popular neighbour Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, this scenic quarry site makes for a great hiking and picnic spot for nature-loving couples or family members.


Credits: heartlandertourist


If you’re worried about finding a place to set down your picnic mat, you won’t have to worry about that as there are several resting huts with wooden tables and shelter for you to take advantage of. As this park is often overshadowed by her sister, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, this place makes for a great scenic, tranquil picnic spot.


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